I love series. I (often) prefer watching a good series to a movie, not because I don’t like movies but because there are simply lots of great series. Watching one (or 2, 5, 10) complete seasons (often) is not the same feeling or relationship to watching one film – watching a series (often) means watching characters grow, watching how a story and dramaturgy develop over a whole season, which means a different style of storytelling.
The Sopranos, Lost, Breaking Bad, Californication,  Treme – a lot of great stuff out there. One that I watched over the last months (although it’s been well-known a couple of years) is Dexter.
Dexter was different than other shows to me, one of the reasons was that I actually had to watch it to the end of the first season until I started to really like it – I guess you have to get to know some of the characters to see it in a larger context. Also (especially in the first season) I really adore the lighting in some scenes.
After having completed the 7th season (and waiting for the final one) I think it’s one of the greatest shows I know. That’s why I chose the DVD-Cover of Season 2 for the task at school some weeks ago: take a film (or series) poster and put your own face in there with Photoshop.

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