Peter Bromme is a Freelance Director of Photography based in Berlin.
Coming from a background in the Lighting   Department has a big influence on his approach to any project.
The question is always: what is the story we want to tell and what visual mood do we want to translate it to?
The results are gonna vary a lot in style, since every film needs its own visual language. Be it a big Studio set with Dolly & tons of lights, or a small Docu-Style piece, set in natural light and handheld camera - the goal is to find the right tone to pull the audience into the story.
Peter‘s work contains Commercials for brands such as BOSE, Mont Blanc, REWE, share, MILES and many more. He also worked on various Music Videos as well as Feature Films.
When off work, you might find him Rollerskating, Scuba Diving or getting inspiration at the local Indie Cinema.

Photo by Giulio Rasi

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