Client: nucao
Production: HEY NA! GmbH
Directed by Lea Baintner
Executive Producer: Björn Mager
Cast: Brigitte Wolf, Justice Leiner, Maxiilian Bastian, Mary Song, Laura Moser, Claudio Oliverio
Director of Photography: Peter Bromme
Production Manager: Agi Niedbal
Production Assistant: Mariko Becher
Gaffer: Omar Zaki
Electrician: Anke Riester
Lighting Assistant: Ali Farrokhian
1st AC: Kai Chase-Meares
Set Photography: Finnegan Godenschweger
BTS: Nina Pfennig
HMU Artist: Rabea Richwien
HMU Assistant: Mai Anh Rudolph
Runner: Eneko Brög
Editor/Color Grading: Nina Pfennig
Sound Design: Universal
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